Differentiate Between Discipline And Habit. Habit is the child of discipline. Discipline is doing something you hate to create something you love. Champions become champions by maintaining a discipline until it becomes a habit…a daily routine in their lives.


“Evening, and morning, and at noon, will I pray, and cry aloud: and He shall hear my voice,”

(Psalm 55:17).



12 Simple Ways to Boost Your Energy


Suffering from an afternoon slump? Health and fitness expert Denise Austin shares her easy tips for feeling more energized throughout the day.

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Today's Tip

Exercise During Commercials


Don't touch that remote! Although we're trained to flip through channels during commercials or fast-forward through our digitally recorded favorite sitcoms, we're overlooking a great...

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Strength Training

The 12-Minute Bodyweight Abs Workout

Don’t let the short timeframe fool you: This is nonstop stomach-sculpting action.




Keep Moving

Are You Ready to Make a Change?


Making lifestyle changes isn't accomplished by forcing yourself to want it enough; it's achieved by being honest about which stage you're at in terms of being ready to make a change. According to the Trans theoretical model, there are five stages of change...

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