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How Much Should I Weigh?


Struggling with extra weight and feeling frustrated? Learn about the many health benefits from losing just 10% of your body weight.




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Will you be a diet success story? Assess your diet goals and plan.


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Your Weight-Loss Solution: Eat Happy Meals?


It’s best to avoid fast-food restaurants entirely. Yet for many people who spend a lot of time on the road, drive-thrus are just a reality. But we all know that their convenience comes at a steep price in calories...

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Fasting Tells Us About Ourselves!


How do you "show up" when you fast?


That's an important question. Because the way you act while you are fasting very likely is a pattern for you.


There's a saying that points this out: "The way you so somethings is the way you do everything."


If you find yourself complaining a lot when you fast, it's likely that you complain about others things, also. The Bible calls that grumbling and it's not on the "to do" side of good qualities for the Christian life.  Read more Click here