Daily Checklist for Weight loss Success 


All things work together for good for those who love the Lord and seek His Truth.


There is no failure in Truth.  Follow a lie and it leads us away from the results we seek. How's your plan working for you?


Use this daily checklist to help you see where you can give more attention to daily ativities in your life.



Every one says that losing or gaining weight is difficult to do.  I was one who thought this way myself.   I used will power, self power, diet power, self control, psychological counseling, tapping, starving, detoxing, $150 prescription diet pills. You name it.  All this jumping over hoops to no avail.  Did these things work? For a short time I got fast results, but not lasting results.


For weight loss success you must seek wholeness in Spirit--Mind--Body--Soul. Neglect any one area and see how it limits  total healing.


 "My yoke is easy, my burdens are light."  God will not have you do anything you cannot do.  With God all things are possible and he wants you whole, well and happy.


Wisdom: A wise man will know to do what is proven, tried and tested.