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I LOOK FORWARD TO THE NEW YEAR.  I look forward to starting again.  I fell off my eating plan after my last cruise and have found it quite a struggle getting back on track. The holidays are fast approaching and I don't want to find myself gaining back what I have lost.  But thanks to God I have finally realized what I need to do to move forward, instead of backwards. Without this little known truth it is more difficult to get rid of the extra pounds.  I  realized that my Spirit,  my mind and my body was not aligned.   My faith kept me connected to God but my emotions ganged up with my soul against my spirit and the fight was on.  Once healed my body didn't want to eat everything I craved.


THE TRUTH SHALL SET YOU FREE.  So that you to can learn the truth and n=stop sabotaging your goal to get healthy and loose the extra pounds  we have put together a Daily checklist so you can see where you fall short. No longer will you be deceived. Check the list to see what you are not doing and where you need help. Neglect any one area makes a difference in whether you succeed quickly, slowly or not al all.


I had to researched hundreds of programs to help me overcome my struggle and I will be sharing the information in future newsletters, blogs and on the website.    I have lost 7 of the 15 pounds I gained. I embrace the truth that weight loss is easier when I stop struggling.  Sign up for the 12 Spiritual Keys Program in the iChange Program.


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21-Day herbal Cleansing Program

Detox to jump start your weight loss


Drop TEN pounds in SEVEN days (DO step-by-step )


1. Ditch all the "white stuff." White breads, sugars, potatoes, cereals, rice. (Exception: Cauliflower. It's a great choice.) These foods quickly convert to stored body fat.   


LIVE-WELL Update!!!!!



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Embracing Change

"If you do what you've always done, you'll get what you always got." -- Mark Twain