Daily Checklist for Healthy Weight  Success 

 Spiritualize your life:  Love yourself to Live-Well                          

Pray. Seek healing for your spirit, mind, body and soul, which is available within you.

Meditate. Feed your spirit and mind with TRUTH daily to guide you  to wholeness.

Follow Truth: The truth of God’s Word cannot fail. Know the right thing to do to Love Life.

Reflection:  Know who you are and your purpose in life.  Where there’s no vision failure follows. 

Practice loving gratitude. Learning to love oneself changes our attitude for living-well.

Think on Purpose:   Feed your mind with Truth                      

☐  Know what's on your mind.  Is it for your good or your destruction. Is it from love or fear.

 Be courageous. You are the sum of every decision you make.  No decision is still a decision.

 Keep a good attitude.  You can't fake your attitude. It shows your real character.

 Be positive, not negative.  It determines the outcome of everything you do.

 Embrace your emotions. They let you know your are human and how you feel, not how to act.

 Free your Mind: Guard your peace. You don't have to believe everything you THINK.

Live intentionally :  Listen to your body:  Treat it with LOVE                 

 Commit: Without a made up mind temptation is waiting to take you off course.

 Annual Physical:  See your doctor regularly. Catch sickness and disease early.

 Hydrate: drink 8 or more 8oz glasses of water  to hydrate the body.

 Supplements:  Take a multivitamin or other vitamins and mineral to get what’s lacking in your diet. 

 Hearth Health: Brush your teeth at night is good prevention for heart disease.

 Digestive Health:  Proper care is needed to process the food you eat. Eat fiber and take probiotics.

 Ward off Cravings. Yearnings for sugar, salt and fats indicates a lack in the body and will sabotage wellness.

 Pamper the body. Care of the hair and skin helps prevents other illnesses.

 Weight yourself regularly: The proof is in the scale: Do not be deceived that the plan is working. 

 Sleep: Get 7 to 9 hours each night to allow the body to properly heal.

 Rest: Take a nap or a time out during the day.

 Laugh:  Spend time with friends on a regular basis.

 Detox regularly: Schedule periodic fasting, digestion or body cleansing helps remove toxins in the body.

 De-stress:  Counter the affect of activities that take the body  of its comfort zone.


Fuel your body:  Eat healthy                                                                         

 Eat clean:  Eat to live.  Eat more fruits and vegetables and less meat and processed foods.

Protein: Get half the body’s weight in protein. The more active and older you are the more you need.

Fiber: strive for 35 grams to lose weight. 27 grams for normal diet.

Snacks: Have 2 protein snacks between meals if you get hungry.

Portion size: Eat like a child, not to be stuffed, only enough to satisfy hunger.

Calories: gradually reduce calorie intake.  Save weekly calories for dining out.

Carbs: eat good carbs in fruits, vegetables, grains and beans. Eat 5-7 servings of fruits and veggies.

Sugar/Salt: Eliminate all added sugar and salt from foods. DO NOT use artificial sweeteners.

Clean out your fridge:  Get rid of unhealthy food and you won’t be tempted. 

Maximize Body Fitness                                                                                   

Keep moving:  get in at least 10,000 steps a day. Stroll until you can run or walk.

Aerobic exercise. A healthy heart is needed for optimum fitness.

Strength / resistance training: 2 to 3 times a week build muscle and burn calories  when you sleep.

Metabolism and energy. Do not skip meals.  Food is fuel for the body.

Get sunshine:  It wards off depression

Be Mindful of Activities for Success                                                           

Keep a food and fitness journal.

Be accountable: A partner or coach will help keep you on track. Join a weight loss group.

 Replace 1 bad habit and week  with a good one.

Eat when hungry. Beware of emotional eating and eating disorders. Don’t mistake hunger for thirst.

Eat a healthy breakfast. Set yourself up to eat right all day.

No eating within 2 hours of retiring for the night.  Save a light snack for late night.

Celebrate your success:  Dine out without compromising your goals.


  Your breakthrough is on the way.