Not my will, but your Will be done.

How is your way working for you?  Your strength can only take you so far.  Why not let the Lord fight your battles. It only takes FAITH the size of a mustard seed.


You don't have do do it alone.  Use the check list for your sources of help, strength and faith.



Spiritualize your life:  Love yourself to Live-We      

☐ Pray. Seek healing for your spirit, mind, body and soul, which is available within you.


☐ Meditate. Feed your spirit and mind with TRUTH daily to guide you into wholeness.


☐ Follow Truth: The truth of God’s Word cannot fail. Know the right thing to do to

       Live-Well and Love Life.

 Reflection & Inspiration:  Know who you are and your purpose in life.  Where there’s

      No vision failure is sure to follow.


☐ Practice loving gratitude. Learning to love self will change our attitude for living-well

       And loving others.