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Live Well & Love Life is an arm of the Live-Well Foundation dedicated to providing information that will help people learn and understand just what can help them to live a healthy and abundant live. This is God’s desire for all people. It’s not just about what we can do on our own, but we aim to help people realize that it takes faith that is continually growing in the knowledge of God’s truth that is needed to be all that we desire to be. It takes people working together to keep us motivated and directed on this path that we call LIFE; Life that is meant to make a difference and glorify God.


Together we can achieve success.


God has put us in a position to help people live incredible lives.  As lives improve the nations of the earth will see the impact of Godly living in the land, the Kingdom of God. God’s desire is that all people will live in His will to glorify him, because we were created to be great. We consider this a great privilege and a great opportunity. 


Our Pledge


We will do all that we can to research and provide information that we believe will have the greatest impact and benefit to the readers and visitors of our website. We’ll look for more creative ways to help people achieve wholeness [total wellness & fitness] in Spirit, Mind, Body and Soul.  


                                                                                                                                        Minister Henrietta Nelson